Two and Two—four.

১. Two and Two—four.

a. makes

b. made

c. make

d. are

উত্তর : a. makes

২. The Arabian Nights —-my favorite book.

a. have                  

b. is

c. were        

d. are

Ans : b. is   

৩. Man and Superman’ is written by—

a. Keats          

 b. Shelly

c. Byron         

d. G. B. Show

Ans :  d. G. B. Show

৪. He fantasized —-winning the lottery.

a. with               

b. from

c. after         

d. about

Ans :  d. about

৫. What is the meaning of ‘a white lie’ ?

a. Harmful lie                

b. Useless lie

c. Harmless lie         

d. Irrelevant lie

Ans : c. Harmless lie  

৬. Justice delayed is Justice denied was stated by —

a. Disraeli          

b. Gladstone

c. Emerson       

d. Shakespeare

Ans : b. Gladstone

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