(PDF) What is Sociology ? Definition of Sociology.

What is Sociology ? How can you define Sociology ? Definition of Sociology.

Sociology is the scientific study of human society and the relationship in which they live. Sociology also the science of social institution, social action, social relationship. Society and people are interrelated. So sociology is essentially the science of human social activities. The main aim of sociology is to review social life as a whole and holistically. Sociology does not study one or two aspects of society and studies the entire society as a unit. Various types of relationships are established between people living in society. Sociology originated in analyzing those various relationships.

Definition os Sociology :

Sociologist (Frank Word) termed sociology as ‘Sociology is the science of society’.

Sociologist (Durkheim) said that, ‘Sociology is the science of institution.’

Sociologist (Max Weber) analyzed sociology as the science of social action.

Sociologist (David Popenoe) mentioned in his book ‘Sociology’,  sociology is the disciplined and objective study of social behavior and society.

Sociologist Auguste Comte, Herbert Spencer did not directly define sociology, but in their writings they showed social relations as the main subject of sociology.

Finally it can be said that Sociology is a science which deals with the social institutions, associations, organizations, social and human relations, social behavior, social processes, social stability-dynamics, social change, social problems etc. in a scientific manner.

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