Nature Of Sociology (PDF)

Nature of Sociology:

The nature of sociology refers to the characteristics or identity of the subject of sociology. The nature of sociology is mentioned below.

1 . Sociology is a science of society:  Sociology is basically the science of society. Sociology deals with all social-centered issues like behavior of people in society, interpersonal relationships, social institutions etc. It does not discuss anything natural. Sociology is basically the science of society. It is not a natural or physical science.

2. Sociology is a total study of society:  Sociology is the complete study of society. Unlike other social sciences, sociology is a scientific analysis of the overall aspect of the society rather than discussing each aspect of the society 

3. Sociology is a scientific study of society :  Sociology is the science-based study of society. Sociology uses various scientific methods and techniques to study society. Imagination or emotion has no place in the interpretation or study of society. The main goal is to determine the reality of society.  

4. Sociology is an objective science:  Sociology is an analytical science. Sociology analyzes rational judgments to determine the causal relationships of social phenomena.

5.  Sociology is an objective science: Sociology basically analyzes the causal relationship of social issues and gives logical explanations. Sociology analyzes social phenomena as a series of conflicts rather than discussing the reality of any particular war.

6. Sociology is a value free science: Sociology is a value neutral science. Sociology takes a neutral sense of injustice, an objective and logical science. Social scientists analyze all social events without being influenced by social or personal principles.   

 7. Sociology is a theoretical science not an applied science: Sociology is a theoretical science, not an applied science: Sociology is relatively a theoretical science, it is not concerned with the results of any object or phenomenon. Sociology gives more importance to event type, nature, dynamics etc than results.

In fact, the core identity of sociology is that it revolves around human society. Society considers related issues as topics of discussion. However, this discussion is more theoretical than practical. Society is abstract, so sociology is also an abstract science. The religion of sociology is to objectively discuss the abstract and changing issues of society. Various variations and changes are constantly observed in the society. This is reflected in the efforts of researchers in sociology. One of the key features of sociology is to capture the ever-changing aspects of society. The constant effort to modernize the society and towards human welfare can be observed in sociology.

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