English Short Story (‘False Fantasy and Regret’)

‘False Fantasy and Regret’

A hunter caught a small bird.

The bird was very intelligent.

The bird began to praise the hunter very much that you are a great hunter!

You have killed many tigers, many bears in your life, this is it.

I am a small bird, my weight is not even 100 grams, what fun will you have eating me?

Eating me will not fill your stomach.

Rather leave me alone.

Let me tell you three valuable words, which will be useful for your whole life.

He spoke in such a way that the hunter’s heart softened.

Because everyone likes to be appreciated.

The easiest way to melt another person is to praise them.

That’s right, thought the hunter.

There is no use in eating so small birds.

Instead, listen to what the bird wants to say.

 Maybe this will make my profit more.

As the hunter agreed, the bird said, I will say the first sentence sitting on your hand,

the second sentence sitting on the branch of this tree,

and the third sentence sitting on the trunk of the tree.

 The hunter said, OK.

The bird said, never fantasize, never believe what is not real.

The hunter said, very right.

really so Never believe in unreal words.

The bird said, now let me go to the tree branch.

 I will say the second sentence.

The hunter let it go.

The bird on the tree branch said, never regret what you missed.

The hunter said, it is also right.

It is foolish to regret what I no longer have.

The bird now rose to the mug.

The hunter said, now tell the third advice.

The bird said, before you say the third one,

let me see if you have learned anything from the previous two sermons.

The bird said, I have a pearl weighing 200 grams in my stomach.

The hunter was very sorry to hear.

Ha ha ha! What did I do?

Missing such an easy chance to get rich, the hunter started jumping up and down in a failed attempt to catch it.

But the bird was in the top.

He smiled. He said, look, I told you before, never believe the unreal.

My weight is 100 grams. How can I have 200 gram pearls inside?

I said, never regret what was missed. But you did.

 It is pointless to give you any further advice.

Because like most people, you have heard the advice only by ear.

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