English Short motivational story (Why are people unhappy?)

Why are people unhappy?

A king one day asked his Wazir, well, tell me why most people are unhappy?

The Wazir remained silent for a while and said to the king, “You have to do a little work to answer this question.”

The king said, what work?

The Wazir said, you have to keep ninety-nine gold coins in a bag.

It should also be written on a paper, in which it is written that there are 100 gold coins in the bag.

Then leave the bag in front of one of your employees’ rooms at night.

 The king did as the vizier said.

 A bag full of coins was left in front of the house of a royal servant.

When the employee came out of the house at night at the call of nature, he found a bag lying in front of the house.

After taking the bag home and opening it, he started counting the gold coins.

He found ninety-nine gold coins.

But 100 gold coins was written on paper.

Even after counting it a few times, he got only 99 gold coins.

Not finding a single coin, the employee woke up everyone in the house to search for gold coins.

Everyone searched all night but did not find the gold coin.

Meanwhile the king and the Wazir were standing behind and watching everything.

When the servant came to the palace in the morning, the king found the servant’s face dirty.

His mind is plagued with the pain of losing something very precious.

Now the Wazir said to the king, we are so unhappy because of that one!

Whatever the Lord gives us, it is like ninety-nine gold coins.

We are not satisfied with them. No thanks.

Instead of counting what the Creator has given us, we only count the lack.

At times the frustration of imperfection is so overwhelming that you don’t even remember what you got.

Then everywhere we see only insufficiency in our eyes, and in our hearts only moans of imperfection.

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