English Motivational short Story “Nothing happens Without any reason”

“Nothing happens Without any reason”

Today I will tell you a short life changing (educational) story-

A company had a boss and a manager also worked under him.

And many employees worked under the manager.

One day the boss scolds the manager for a small matter.

The manager also gets very angry but he can’t do anything.

Because he can no longer show his anger to the boss.

The manager leaves, then he goes to a company employee and scolds him for a small reason.

Who else will the employee show anger to? He also has anger, right?

So, while leaving, he vented all his anger on the poor janitor of the gate.

Now what will the poor janitor do, because everyone is above him, and there is no one below him, but on whom he vents his anger, he goes home and starts quarreling with his wife for no reason.

Now who else will the wife show her anger?

she can’t say anything to her husband anymore.

After some time she slaps her child’s back, she just play and doesn’t want to study all day long.

Now what will the little child do?

He will not be able to say anything to his mother.

Otherwise, it will beaten again.

He goes outside and angrily picks up a stone from the road and throws it at a dog.

The dog ran away from there and suddenly bit a man after going some distance.

 Who was that man?

He was none but the angry boss of that company.

who scolded his manager.

Now the boss can’t think why the dog bit him for no reason?

He didn’t even go to him. Nothing happened to him but he didn’t realize it.

What friends now understand something?

Actions never leave behind.

Knowingly or unknowingly, We don’t know how many people we hurt.

How many people get upset with us.

Because of a small reason, we make people who are weaker than ourselves listen to big things.

But the One above sees everything and we have to enjoy the results through some other work.

And then we think that I was hurt for no reason. Someone cheated on me for no reason.

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