A speech full of too many words is—

১. A speech full of too many words is—

a. A big speech

b. maiden speech

c. An unimportant speech

d. a verbose speech

Ans :  d. a verbose speech

২. A swimming snake bit him the leg. Here ‘swimming’ is a—

a. Participle

b. Verbal noun

c. Gerund

d. Infinite

উত্তর : a. Participle

৩. Nota bone means—

a. For example         

b. not sure

c. Next page       

d. mark well

Ans : d. mark well

৪. I saw —beggar.

a. An one-eyed         

b. an one-eye

c. a one-eye          

 d. a one-eyed

Ans :  d. a one-eyed

৫. Which one is in singular number ?

a. lice  

b. errata

c. phenomenon     

d. mice

Ans : c. phenomenon

৬. Identify the feminine gender ?

a. buck          

b. bitch

c. groom          

d. actor

Ans :  b. bitch

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